Apps for Med Students

Read my post about smart phone & tablet apps that I recommend for medical school.

Recommended Apps for Med Students:

iAnnotate - For taking notes on documents/syllabi

Dropbox - Link it to your iAnnotate app and all your document changes get updated automatically

Inkflow Plus - For drawing, sketching, making freehand charts & graphs, taking freehand notes

Epocrates - Rx information (HIGHLY recommend)


iThoughtsHD - Allows you to make "thought maps" that are basically limitless in size; this is great if you're a visual learner or you're having a hard time integrating info from different classes/blocks

Flashcards - Can be linked to Quizlet decks (no Quizlet app for iPad yet as far as I know)

Nerve Whiz - For Gross Anatomy & Neuro

Skeletal 3D - For Gross (good for learning the first time, not that helpful later)

Please email me any questions or suggestions!

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