Thursday, March 21, 2013

Study Tips: Staying Engaged

Here's an example of Active Reading -- this is what I'm thinking as I preview a lecture presentation. (This example is taken from a Microbiology lecture.)


  1. From reading your past posts do you find mind maps/concept maps helpful in med school while studying? I am trying to find a condense way in organizing my notes. As you know there is a lot of information that profs give/pass out and I am trying to find an efficient way so I can stay on top of my studies and not feel overwhelmed.

  2. Hi, Sandy! I did actually use mind maps this year, especially in developmental anatomy. I found a really good app called iThoughts HD ($9.99), which is very versatile. You can basically make the map as large and detailed as you want and it allows for color coding, changing the shapes of bubbles, adding icons, etc.

    According to the research mind maps help everyone learn, but it depends on your learning style. If you learn well by doing something, I recommend it. You basically study by making the map as opposed to using the map to study (I very rarely studied off the map except when I went back to review for finals). Also if you are a big perfectionist about making everything pretty (I can be), this can end up being a time suck instead of a study tool. Please feel free to ask me anything else!


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