Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Spell 'Defecate"

I have NEVER been able to spell “defecate.”  I always want to write “defacate,” because that’s phonetic: de-fuh-cate. Why isn’t it an “a”?

While spell-checking, I looked at "defecate" and... OOOOOOOH! It’s de-fecate—like getting rid of fecal matter! Wow. Duh.

It’s really strange how the brain works. Sometimes I make these connections instantly, and sometimes it takes me a ridiculously long time.

I’m a big reader, and I always have been. I used to read books that were way beyond my comprehension level, so I think I ended up memorizing the meaning of a lot of words through context. When you learn a word before you can really understand it, it’s like it’s stored in an area of the brain that is removed from connection-making.

Now the next point of interest: exactly which book in The Baby Sitters Club series included the word “defecate”? Maybe Kristy Goes to Medical School?

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