Friday, July 5, 2013

How to Deal with Premed Advice

So, about 8 months before I applied to med school I went to speak to one of the premed advisors at my college. I was trying to decide whether to go ahead and take the MCAT and apply to med school or if I needed to wait another year. I wasn't sure because I was going to have to take the MCAT before I took Physics 2, and I wasn't sure how risky of a move that was. (The reason I hadn't taken Physics 2 was because I was a Literary Studies major, so I did all my premed requirements a lot later than most people.)

So anyway, this advisor looked me in the eye and told me I was absolutely not ready to apply. When I left that meeting, I sat my in my car in the parking lot and BAWLED. (And I don't cry very easily.)

Long story short, that guy never applied to and got into medical school. The 2 doctors I was shadowing at the time both encouraged me NOT to wait. Thankfully, I listened to them, and they were right--I got in. Take that, jerk advisor!

So don't take advice from just anybody.


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