Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Purposeful Addiction: What I've Learned on Twitter

My Twitter profile
1)  Sarcasm is truly unattractive. Kindness in the face of sarcasm = strength.
2) Anger breeds anger. Trying to understand the "other" side is more difficult but ultimately more productive.
3) Anger, hate & cynicism are the easiest, & thus the weakest, responses to conflict.
4) If I am persistent in treating others with kindness & respect, the same eventually comes back to me.
5) Trolls gotta troll. Sometimes blocking is the kindest response. (In real life, this would probably equate with leaving the room, not answering the phone, etc.)
6) It’s not personal. If I can remember it’s not personal, I can always behave in a way that I won’t regret.
7) I want to share knowledge, laughter, news (sometimes), insights, and beauty with others.
8) There are some happy, brilliant, kind, generous, loving people in the world, and I can find them in unexpected places (like Twitter).
9) Agreement is not the basis of respect. Humility, plus a conscious decision to be respectful, is the basis of respect.

There's a lot more, but I'm constantly surprised by how much I can learn from my experiences on Twitter. Like everything else in life, Twitter can be whatever you make of it. I've (obviously) totally embraced Twitter (you might have noticed my full-blown, Celebrity Rehab-level addiction) & wanted to share these pearls with you all. 
I need help.
I'm not sure how much my readers actually care about Twitter, so please leave comments & let me know! Are interested in learning how I find awesome doctors to follow, what "twitter chats" are (they're often medically-related!), how I learn about specific diseases, etc.?


  1. Great post - and totally correct! When I first started using Twitter (a while back now) I was blown away by how supportive and helpful people were, and it is great to see that is still the case. It is one thing I always tell Twitter-newbies - there is no need to be scared because most people are very kind and supportive when you are new.

    Regarding tweetchats, etc there is some very useful information here:

    As to doctors I recommend @berci and @drpenzesjanos and for cardiovascular @lipiddoc

  2. Very nice post! I am so thrilled that I found you on Twitter (I'm @lcdrrek). I love your enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge and also you're just fun to follow! Keep up the great posts, though, as you know, I wish you would not feed the trolls for "so long"!


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