Thursday, January 2, 2014

Man, My Kids Are Going To Hate Me

I imagine it's extremely confusing and annoying (but also hilarious) to grow up with a doctor as a parent. (I can't even imagine being raised by 2 doctors...)


  1. Love this. It reminds of a while ago when I posted on Facebook that I was attending the SAMA-dinner - meaning, a dinner with the South African Medical Association. But all of my friends asked me how on earth I got an invitation to the South African Music Awards, which goes by the same abbreviation!

  2. haha Fantastic!
    Me and my husband are both second years and are quite looking forward to these kinds of convos ;)

    la @

  3. I can assure you most MD parents don't EVER confuse physical education with pulmonary embolism...for most of them (well, in my previous experience as a former HPE teacher) they either were the super-smart nerdy type (and I do mean that in a most loving way, definitely not mocking since these types of students were actually my favorites) who just HATED their gym class or they were the super-smart arrogant douchey type who thought gym class was a ridiculous waste of time when they thought their kid could be taking all 35+ AP classes offered by the school. (To be fair, some of my former PE colleagues were indeed the worthless, roll-out-the-ball types and I wouldn't want my kids in their class either!)

    But...the funniest and best MD parents (I taught mostly sex ed and personal health) were the ones who offered to come in and do presentations for the students. Nothing like dear old dad the gynecologist showing his slides of chancre, HPV, chlamydia...or mom the dermatologist showing slides of melanoma to try and promote sunscreen use RIGHT before spring break...or dad the emergency medicine physician going off on a tangent, describing the treatments for priapism.


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